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Photo Dept: Sociobehavioral and Administrative Pharmacy

Dr. Harrington received both her Doctor of Pharmacy and Doctor of Philosophy (Health Services Organization and Policy) from the University of Michigan. She has a broad range of experience in pharmacy including founding ownership of a compounding-only pharmacy, vice president in pharmacy benefit management firm and senior vice president in a Washington, D.C. based healthcare consultancy. She also has extensive managerial experience obtained as an officer in the U.S. Navy from which she retired in 1997. Dr. Harrington teaches in both the professional (PharmD) and graduate (Ph.D) programs. Courses taught include pharmacy and the health care system, pharmaceutical marketing, pharmacy management, public health, research design, and scientific writing. Her research interests include topics in the fields of business, healthcare policy, and drug safety. With her pharmacy students, she is currently developing a web based Clinical Decision Support System that helps predict the risk of adverse events from prescription drugs (see She has 25 publications in peer-reviewed medical and pharmacy journals. She worked on a team that produced a very influential article (cited over 300 times in other publications) on the economic impact of staphylococcus aureus infections in New York City hospitals. Recent articles include meta-analyses of safety data on two newer anti-psychotics, paliperidone and ziprasidone.
Research Interests:
Drug-induced disease; Clinical decision support systems; Diffusion of innovation (pharmacogenetics); Consumer health informatics
Research Interests keywords:
Drug safety, drug-induced disease, adverse effects, drug utilization review, disease risk modeling, medication management, health informatics

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