Professional Profile

Dawn DaCosta, M.A.

Photo Director/Instructor
Academic Support Services
College of Pharmacy
Phone: 954-262-1318
Campus: Fort Lauderdale

Ms. DaCosta provides leadership, and support to the college, coordinating activities to achieve the College’s mission and strategic plan. She is responsible for planning, developing and implementing professional and graduate program schedules, initiatives, advising, and academic data for the college. She works closely with the Dean to ensure the professional program services meets the College’s mission, policies and procedures. Faculty, administrators, and staff rely on her knowledge and expertise in supporting the college’s strategic plan.

Ms. DaCosta joined Nova Southeastern University in 1996 and, after several years in the undergraduate college and the Office of the University Registrar, joined the College of Pharmacy in 2003. Her diverse professional experience includes undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs as well as student services, academic services, leadership, diversity, and administration, and serves an several university and college-wide committees. Ms. DaCosta helps to coordinate the college’s travel study programs and participated in programs to China, Slovakia, and Spain. Her interest in leadership and diversity is evident in her role in the developing the colleges Diversity Dialogues as well as leadership co-curricular programming. Ms. DaCosta is the course coordinator for the Knowledge Skills in the Health Care Environment course for the M.S. in Pharmaceutical Affairs program, and co-coordinator in the Leadership, Development and Engagement course for emerging leaders in the Pharm.D. curriculum.

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