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Dr. Joshua Caballero completed a BA in Psychology from the University of Florida and received his PharmD from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Afterwards, he completed a psychiatric residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and a pharmacotherapy fellowship at The Ohio State University. He has participated in the DHHS/HACU profession capacity building program and ACCP FIT program.

He is currently an Associate Professor at Nova Southeastern University with a practice site primarily at Nova Southeastern University Geriatrics clinic. Academically, Dr. Caballero is a preceptor for students in their advance pharmacy practice experiences and coordinates one of the Therapeutics sequences and Pharmacy Residency elective course. Dr. Caballero primarily lectures on psychiatric topics in various populations. His residency course has an over 80% success rate spanning three years compared to the national average of approximately 65%. He has been a past recipient of the yearly Golden Apple Award (2008, 2012), given to the best professor in the College of Pharmacy and the SGA Student Advisor of the Year (2013) award.

Dr. Caballero is board certified in psychiatric pharmacy and has worked extensively with underserved populations including establishing pharmacy outpatient clinical services. Dr. Caballero’s research interests include the effects of psychotropic agents in various populations and their impact on cognition, and health literacy in HIV. He currently serves as the program director for a neurocognitive fellowship. He has published in the areas of cognitive function, and most recently authored an ADHD chapter in Pediatric Pharmacotherapy. Additionally, he is the primary editor for ASHP’s book Get the Residency.
Research Interests:
Geriatrics, HIV, depression, cognitive disorders
Research Interests keywords:
psychiatry, cognition, executive function, Alzheimer's disease, pediatrics, elderly, diabetes

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