Professional Profile

Jolanta M. Czerwinska, Ph.D.

Photo Director, Educational Technology
Clinical Assistant Professor
Dept: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Phone: 954-262-1385
Campus: Fort Lauderdale

Dr. Jolanta Czerwinska holds Master Degree in Computer Science (Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana) and Ph.D. in Physics (University of Gdansk, Poland). Her Ph.D. thesis is in Atomic Spectroscopy experimentally investigating forbidden (in respect to quantum rules of transitions) spectral lines of Bismuth and ionized Bismuth, and reproducing the spectra via computer simulations that involve adjustment of atomic radiation parameters in quantum theory of radiation. She served as a reviewer for the Journal of Optical Society of America.

Dr. Czerwinska taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in Computer Science and in Physics while in Ball State University (BSU). For the next 12 years she worked in the BSU Computing Services as educational software developer/designer and Multimedia Development group leader. She actively participated in the development of original courses that comprised the online education (or computer assisted instructions) offered by several departments (i.e. Nursing, Biology). In addition, she developed and maintained many computer applications that supported the university's vision of pioneering the use of the computer technology in education.

Dr. Czerwinska joined the NSU College of Pharmacy (COP) in 2000. She designed and developed a number computer application that are utilized by the faculty and students, as well as preceptors in the Experiential Education. She maintains the databases for the college and helps the faculty and staff with computer technology as needed. She is a member of number of the COP committees charged with inter-professional education, student active learning, curriculum, assessment, and faculty professional development.
Research Interests:
Educational Technology, web application development, mobile app development, learning theories, database management, instructional design.
Research Interests keywords:
e-learning, educational technology, IT, teaching, learning, learning theories, online learning, software development, coldfusion, mobile technology, database, app development

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