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Dr. Lillian Arce De Malave is an Assistant Professor for Pharmacy Practice Department at Nova Southeastern University (NSU), College of Pharmacy (COP) Puerto Rico (PR) Regional Campus. Prior to assuming this appointment, Dr. Arce served as Director of Experiential Education for the PR/International Programs (2007-2013) were she coordinated and worked to open several practice site in PR and USA. Since her initial year at NSU in September 2002 when she joined the COP as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Pharmaceutical Science Department, FLL, FL Campus, Dr. Arce has coordinated and taught several courses and laboratories including Patient Care Management, Non Prescriptions Therapies, the Art of Compounding and the elective Drug of Abuse. Dr. Arce from 2007 to 2013, served as a preceptor, offering an Academic Advance Pharmacy Practice Education (APPE) Rotation in which students in their last year of pharmacy school had the opportunity to learn and become involved in teaching and other faculty-expected academic responsibilities. In this endeavor she has precepted over 100 4th year pharmacists’ students. Presently she precepts 4th year pharmacist students in the APPE Medication Therapy Management (MTM) rotation she offers at Walgreens, Cayey, PR where students not only take on Comprehensive Medication Review for the patients, but also get involved with the elderly patients by providing counseling, education on their diseases, the management of their medication therapies, and the opportunity to educate on the importance of immunizations. In addition, her students have the opportunity to interact with HIV patients and participate in an HIV research program at the “Materno Infantil” - HIV Clinic at the Medical Center State Hospital System, in San Juan Puerto Rico. Dr. Arce as a member of numerous professional associations has been actively involved with several of their professional events, such as serving as a Poster Judge, Round Table facilitator, Committee membership, meeting session moderator and Manuscript Reviewer. She has been very active with a number community-based events. Dr. Arce’s research endeavors was initiated in July 2003 when she was awarded a Faculty Summer Internship grant to the Clinical Research Program at the Metro Health Medical Center at Cleveland, Ohio. Her clinical and research work, which dealt primarily within the nephrology department, resulted in a research publication in the prestigious peered-review Journal of Nephrology. Since then, Dr. Arce continues her research interest, including serving as a Co-Investigator of the research project: Diabetes Literacy and Self-efficacy Screening and Training (Diabetes LASST) grant from the Center of Medicare and Medical Services, and currently in the research project: Adherence to Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy: a Trans-Caribbean Study an NIH grant. Dr. Arce has numerous publications and presentations related to the health subject. She has been invited on numerous occasions as speaker to national and international professional conferences including Peru, Taiwan and Egypt. Her work has been presented at both Pharmacy and Medical international forums. Born in Bayamon, PR, Dr. Arce received her Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree form Nova Southeastern University in May, 2001. She is licensed to practice at both, the state of Florida and Puerto Rico. In addition, Dr. Arce holds certification in various fields of practice including MTM, Immunization, Emergency Preparedness Pharmacists as First Responders; Physical Assessment In Patients Care Management; Integrative Nutrition Gut Health; and Compounding. Dr. Arce has been certified by the Puerto Rico Department of Health to both: (i) execute the Rapid HIV Test, and to (ii) be a Registered Immunizer within the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
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CAM, HIV, Self-Care, MTM, Drug of Abuse

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