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Photo Dept: Sociobehavioral and Administrative Pharmacy

Dr. DeMuro's research efforts have focused on the use of informatics technologies to increase quality and reduce costs, specifically in the area of e-prescribing. He focuses on payment for quality and cost-effectiveness, population health, precision health, health information technologies, pharmacy/e-prescribing, data analytics, predictive analytics, stakeholder incentives, mHealth, social media and telemedicine, health information exchange, consumer health informatics, and health disparities. Driving Dr. DeMuro's research and practice is his passion for the cost-effective delivery of quality health care for all and the elimination of health disparities. He also has practiced law extensively in the areas of corporate transactions, accountable care, value-based purchasing, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions.
Research Interests:
Payment for Quality and Cost-Effectiveness, Population Health, Precision Health, Health Information Technologies, Pharmacy/E-Prescribing, Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Stakeholder Incentives, mHealth, Social media, and Telemedicine, Health Information Exchange, Consumer Health Informatics, Health Disparities

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