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Peter M. Gannett, Ph.D.

Photo Associate Dean for Research
College of Pharmacy
Phone: 954-262-1277
Campus: Fort Lauderdale

My lab studies the formation of DNA adducts arising from the metabolism of arylhydrazines and the conformation and biological consequences of adduct formation, work we have been engaged in for approximately 25 years. We also study P450-mediated metabolism by CYP2C9. In particular, we study the mechanism of atypical kinetics using both experimental and computational approaches with respect to SAR, electron transfer and protein-protein interactions. Our approach combines both traditional and nanotechnology based methods. Both of these project require synthetic expertise and we have made a variety of compounds to support both projects and have sufficient expertise to conduct the synthetic aspects of the proposed research. In addition, in both of my research areas we apply a variety of molecular modeling techniques to model SAR and to render predictions. In addition, one of my roles is as the director of the structural and computational biology core facility. This facility houses computational facilities that are used for molecular modeling of small and large, biological molecules, typically DNA, proteins, and mutants as well as instrumentation need to obtain experimental data needed for structural characterization and data that complements the computational results. This includes mass spectrometers, 300 and 600 MHz NMR spectrometers, circular dichroism spectrophotometer, a Biacor SPR, and smaller equipment including UV-Vis and fluorometers. The proposed research is aligned with both our synthetic expertise of making small molecules for a range of purposes and the development of SAR models.
Research Interests:
Computational and Structural Biology, DNA, Cancer, Cytochrome P450, Nanotechnology
Research Interests keywords:
Carcinogenesis, DNA structure and conformation, Cytochrome P450, Drug Metabolism, Electron Transfer, Nanotechnology, Computational Biology
Computation Biology: Role of Z DNA-Z DNA Binding Proteins in carcinogenesis Magnetic Nanoparticle based theranostics for treatment of cancer P450 Structure-Activity Relationships and Drug-Drug Interactions
Contact information: Peter M. Gannett
NSU College of Pharmacy
1387 Terry Bldg
3301 S. University Drive
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33328
Date Posted: 09/28/2021

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