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Dr. Rucha Acharya joined the Department of Pharmacy Practice at NSU College of Pharmacy in August 2020 as an Assistant Professor. After graduating from St. John’s University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in 2017, she spent her first year in practice at an independent community pharmacy. Following that, Dr. Acharya completed two years of post-graduate training at NSU College of Pharmacy, initially in a general community-based residency, and subsequently in a program that specialized in ambulatory care.

Her research project during that time focused on COPD patients transitioning to generic inhalers. Since becoming a full-time faculty, Dr. Acharya has established a practice site at the Broward Health Accountable Care Organization (ACO) where she works with patients managing chronic diseases. Additionally, she coordinates the class Pharmacy Applications I, that provides first year student with their immunization certification and teaches a variety of topics within the Integrated Disease Management course sequence.

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