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William R. Wolowich, Pharm.D.

Photo Associate Professor
Dept: Pharmacy Practice
Campus: Fort Lauderdale

Dr. Wolowich was first introduced to pharmacokinetic research during his post-bac PharmD training at SUNY Buffalo. His project examined the pharmacokinetics of a crushed pentoxifylline tablet given to critically ill patients. Pentoxifylline has five metabolites, two of which are reversible. NCA analysis was used to present the data at SUNY and at The Society of Critical Care Medicine annual meeting in 1993. His next PK modeling project arose during his fellowship in Clinical Pharmacokinetics at The Ohio State University. This was a clinical toxicology study of the bioavailability of salicylate from a topical methyl salicylate product ingested orally. This work was awarded a best poster award at the National Academy of Clinical Toxicology annual meeting and was published in Clinical Toxicology. Dr. Wolowich has used many other PK modeling techniques including: non-compartmental analysis, semi-compartmental analysis, In-vitro: In-vivo extrapolation, deconvolution, and non-linear mixed effects population analysis. He is proficient with the following software: Certara Pharsight products ( WinNonLin 6.0, Phoenix NLME and Trial Simulator), USCPak, Adapt, WinBugs, SAS, SPSS, NCSS. Dr.Wolowich also supports faculty with statistical analysis of research data, using SPSS and NCSS.
Research Interests:
pharmacokinetic data analysis, data analysis, non linear mixed effects modeling, pharmacogenomics, mathematical modeling and simulation
Research Interests keywords:
clinical pharmacokinetics, clinical toxicology, pharmacometrics, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling and simulation, statistical inference, analytical chromatography, drug interactions, item response analysis, logistic regression, identifiability analysis, nonlinear mixed effect modeling, physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling
I have research opportunities available for highly motivated students interested in learning how to use Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic modeling and simulation. Student's should have a working knowledge of excel and will have the chance to use specialized modeling software.
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Date Posted: 06/05/2013

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